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Price Differences
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Here I will explain what the difference is from our company to others

Hi all I am going to explain to you the reasoning behind our prices. To start off with the cost to be insured and licensed these days is ridiculous. Those cost unfortunatly get put into your price. Another reason being is my company does NOT or will ever use day laborers. Reason being is I would never want someone in my house who A. may not speak english B. May not know what they are doing and C. To support a illegal citizen when there are so many of our own people out of work. Therefore I would not bring them to your house. Would it cost me less absolutely is it worth it to me absolutely NOT! I treat everyone's house as it where my own with respect. Second is the labor cost. Although I am on every job I pay my worker a good amount of money per hour. That insures me that he is not going to rush and make mistakes and in the long run a happy employee makes a good company. Third is the material cost since December alone our material cost have almost doubled. Sure I can get the cheap stuff and charge you less but I am not willing to do that. Reason being is you get what you pay for. The products I use are made to last and not give you the illusion of a good job. Alot of the cheaper products will last approximately 2-3 years before needing to be re screened and coated again. With the products we use and the way we tell you to take care of your floors you will not need to do anything to your floors for approximately 8-10 years. So as you may save some money when you first get your floors done it Will and I Guarantee it Will cost you more in the long run. For example (and these are based on hypothetical prices) If you have a 1000 sq feet you want refinished and you have 2 quotes :

1. $1.50 a sq foot total for the job is $1500
2. $2 a sq foot total for the job is $2000

Now at first the first estimate is appealing BUT there is always a reason the first guy is cheaper! I have seen this done and lost many jobs due to these guys underbidding jobs. One reason they can do this is they may not be licensed and insured and do not have the cost of keeping up with it. Second reason they can do this is the materials they use. Here is a prime example they get a job and they use a cheap polyurethane on it. Now they can charge less. The results in the beginning will look somewhat the same but as I stated before it will not last. Now from that same job they have polyurethane left over which now moves onto the next job which in all is ok but not recommended. The customer asks for a certain high quality polyurethane to be used. Of course they are going to say yes we use that product and in fact they will but ONLY on your FINAL coat. What that means is underneath the high quality polyurethane they used to finish your job lies a cheap unreliable polyurethane which means LESS durability and more money for them in the future! Which in terms means your floor just cost you even more then the second quote which was only $500 more. It will cost you approximately $1.25 a sq foot to buff and recoat the same floor WITHOUT sanding it down again. The total cost for scenario 1. went from $1500 to $2750 and a whole lot of aggravation. Another reason they charge so little is they try to cram alot of jobs in at the same time. Which means they RUSH your job to get into the next one to make more money. When you rush doing a wood floor there will be mistakes made! Also they will only cut (sand with 2 different grits of sand paper)your floor 2 times not recommended!They normaly only apply 2 coats of poly and if you want a third it will cost you more.Now my company is scenario 2. What my company believes in is QUALITY and Satisfaction! What you get with my company is:
1.Only High quality products on EVERY COAT!
2. We cut your floor 4 times to ENSURE a beautiful floor using a 36 grit first 60 grit second 80 grit third and a 120 grit screen.
3.We always apply 3 coats of oil base poly and 4 coats of water base poly depending on which one you choose.
4. Your job will be the ONLY job booked throughout the duration of your project. So there will be no rushing to get to the next job!
5.The price we agree upon WILL BE the price you pay. Unless YOU decide to add on anything else which will be priced and discussed prior to doing.
6.You will ALWAYS see the same faces including mine on the job from start to finish.
7. When we say we will be there we WILL be there.
8. We will not stop until you are 100% satisfied.
9. I treat every house as it where my own
10. If I wouldn't use it in my house I certainly will NOT use it in your!

So now I ask you which quote looks better? So in short which I am sorry this blog was not to short lol the price which was initially cheaper got more expensive and did not give you the quality you where hoping for.

Now to move on to installations:
This will be much shorter I promise lol.
Once again you receive 2 quotes with a $500 difference. Now whats the difference. The first price is to just get that company in the door then the price WILL change. What they don't initially tell you is the original price is only for a BASIC installation. Which means the room has to be extremely square with no flaws. Now I don't know about you but there is not 1 room in my house that is 100% square and flawless. In my experience I have NEVER run into a PERFECT room even NEW construction! What does that mean it WILL cost you more! Second: is your floor level? If not they will not even offer to fix it unless you offer them an extremely large amount of money because it is time consuming. Which leads us back to they booked to many jobs at once. And now they have to rush again which leads to mistakes. Ok so what do you get with my company that is so different?
2. No rush jobs
3. True craftsmanship
4. Same faces every time
5.NO Hidden Charges
6. We do it Right the First time!

So in all I hope this answered a few of the questions you may have and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

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